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[Originally posted on 08/19/15 on the Duolingo Esperanto for English speakers forum by amuzulo]

Chuck Smith and Evildea (Amikumu app)

Sat, Oct 22: 13:30 Los Angeles, 16:30 New York, 20:30 UTC, 22:30 Berlin
Sun, Oct 23: 7:30 Sydney

Hey there, Chuck Smith and Richard Delamore (a.k.a. Evildea) here. As you’ve probably already heard, we’re developing an app called Amikumu, which you can use to find language partners near you, whether that’s as niche as Esperanto, as popular as English or as visual as American Sign Language, you’ll be able to find people to talk with (in over 7,000+ languages including 100+ sign languages)!

We’ve been blown away by the support from the language community as we launched our Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday and already reached our goal to raise €8,500 (US$9,400) in just 27 hours… you’re all so amazing! Now we’re going for our second stretch goal… next adding events to the app if we reach €13,000. So, we’re going to be here on Duolingo’s official forum for a couple hours on Sunday (or Saturday morning for those of you down under). Ask Us Anything in English or Esperanto! It doesn’t even have to be about the app.

We look forward to talking with you soon and if you just want to know more about us individually, check out the archives of our previous AMAs: Chuck Smith and Evildea

You can find our campaign at Amikumu on Kickstarter

Aŭg 2016: Slavik Ivanov (Language Festivals)
Jul 2016: Benny Lewis (Fluent in 3 Months)
Jun 2016: Internacia Junulara Kongreso (organizantoj)
May 2016: Christopher Mihm (Esperanto filmmaker)
Feb 2016: Tim Owen (Organizer of the British Esperanto Congress)
Jan 2016: Chuck Smith (Esperantisto de la Jaro)
Dec 2015: Judith Meyer (World-Renowned Polyglot, Duo Eo-En Contributor)
Nov 2015: Tim Morley (TEDx: Learn Esperanto First)
Oct 2015: Jonny M (Raggae Singer)
Sep 2015: Veronika Poór (Muzaiko, TEJO, UEA)
Sep 2015: Evildea (Esperanto YouTuber)
Aug 2015: Bertilo Wennergren (Rock Star Grammarian)
Jul 2015: Francis Soghomonian (Esperanto Duolingo voice)
Jun 2015: Esperanto Duolingo team

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Ve, do mi devas maldormi post meznokto por batadi Evildea-n per miaj impertinentaj demandoj. Ne gravas, mi estos preta. Ĉu li?

amuzulo [moderator]

Laŭ mia aktuala plano, mi malfermos la fadenon je la 20:00 mezeŭropa tempo por ke eŭropanoj povu starigi demandojn, kiujn li povos respondi dum la planita tempo. 🙂

According to my current plan, I’ll open the thread at 8pm Central European Time so that Europeans can ask questions, which he can then answer according to schedule. 🙂


Esperanto YouTuber with over a thousand subscribers.

xD Kaj kun pli ol mil kapsikojn…


Those in Alaska or the Mountain time zone are used to being ignored. But what about London?

mizinamo [contributor]

And what about Australia, or India, or Fiji?

It’s not as if London, Alaska, and Mountain time are the only ones being “ignored”.


Most folk here (the U.K.) are, as far as I’ve experienced throughout my life, quite aware of how our time zone relates to mainland Europe (which is pretty uniform for the most part), so the info regarding Germany’s timezone is enough. We initiate and end DST on the same dates, so there’s no issues with misalignment – we’re always an hour behind.

deactivated user

I know, right? I live in the Mountain Time zone and I just missed it again. 😦


Grrrr I completely forgot about the AMAs yesterday and the one in May 😡 😛


puts the one in July on calendar

amuzulo [moderator]

Awww, sorry to hear that. 😦


Is this still being done?


n3aak, Mi certas, ke pli da tiaj “AMA” intervuoj , kun diversaj homoj, okazos. Ĉu mi jam respondis al demando via? *** Vi povas “tweet” al: @ChuckSmith / @duolingo


Will there be anymore AMAs?


AMA estus DMIA (Demandu Min Io Ajn) 😛

mizinamo [contributor]

Mi proponus: Demandu min pri io ajn.


Ĉu tio estas ĝusta frazo: „Demandu min pri ĉio“ — DMĈ


Lyubomirv, Mi konsentas kun Mizinamo entute ( ! ) —Keneĉjo

I am learning Esperanto

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